Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rub The Face For Good Luck

That's me with Marta. She looooves rubbing my face.

Me loooove the ladies.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Hammer Keeps On Pounding

Fuck yeah, I smashed those pinkos good.

Well my faithful followers, I am back for a brief update. I apologize for my absence but I have been out battling the evil forces of Ronnie Earl and his liberal Satan-worshipping communists. My battles have paid off. I have been highly successful in my efforts, so successful that the judge dismissed one of the baseless charges that Ronnie "I Suck Cock" Earl lobbed against me.

President Bush (God bless his holy soul) categorically stated that he believes I am innocent. If the president said it then it MUST be true, right? Remember all the things President Bush told our nation about Iraq--how Saddam possessed a nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal that could wipe out an American city within 45 minutes? How he had ties to Al Qaeda and was training terrorists on Iraqi soil? Well, all that stuff turned out to be--oh, wait, nevermind. So he was wrong about a few of the details. But hey, we're making progress over there in Iraq, so no sweat.

Trust me, you can believe the president when he says that TOM DELAY IS INNOCENT. Because I done no wrong. Alright my peeps, I'm off to the Northern Marianas to go bang some Asian sex slaves in a hot tub full of Green Jello.

Peace out, bitches!