Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm An Austin-American!

Some little commie blogger decided to go stake out my Austin Courthouse appearance this morning. Hey Lindsay, why don't you go do what Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy to do to himself. You little whiny blogger!

Then there's some loser that calls himself Blogenfreude who likes to photo-shop pictures of yours truly. You want a piece of me? You can't handle the raw power of the Hammer you little pinko New York City boy! Then there's other bloggers who take glee in showing my mugshot.

I have a message for all you silly liberals so listen up close. You really think you can stop the Hammer? There’s no chance in hell! I have legions of Murka-loving, librul-hating supporters that will crush you bastards! Once we topple the liberal media and exterminate the Democrats we will unleash the Glorious Christian Cultural Revolution...then and only then you will all suffer the wrath of the Lord.

Zieg heil, bitches!

Tommy D, out!


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Blogger Tom DeLay said...

Fuck you! I own the roads!

9:32 AM  
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