Monday, April 04, 2005

Judicial Tyrants

These judges think they run the show? Well they are DEAD WRONG. Tom DeLay runs the show in this shiznit. He can fo-shizzle his way out of anything!

We must take the battle to the enemy--mainly, the liberal media and the out of control judges. I have been living for and working for this my entire career. To have a Senate that can pass legislation and the incredible moral leadership of the President matched up with the House is a dream come true. We are now in a position to spread the basic tenets of the Republican agenda: Security, prosperity and family.

Security without strong economy is impossible and we want to double the economy in the next 10 years. I favor a national sales tax in place of the existing income tax. Then, we will become a tax haven for the world.

Supporting marriage as between man and a woman is how you control families. Fighting pornography is another. Fighting back judicial activism is the next. We have unaccountable, out of control judiciary. We are after them. We will crush them.

The Constitution gives us the responsibility to create our own courts. If we can create them, we can uncreate them. Nobody is asking the President to do anything illegal. We simply want to impeach the liberal judges and replace them with judges who have been firmly indoctrinated by my Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade.

Justice is coming...Texas style (with a rope).


Blogger juliep123 said...

I like the fact how most of the Republican Party's campaigns are based on scapegoating. You keep blaming the nation's ills on abortionists, gays, fiesty women, pre-marital sex, atheists, and judges. So, if you're against all that please tell the American public what you are FOR. We'd all like to know.
P.s. Long live Judge Greer! (Just kidding.)

3:14 PM  

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